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We understand how important it is to have your forklifts and machinery operational at all times to keep your business running smoothly.

Our sister company, GFT Sales, takes care of all of our forklift repairs and servicing where we provide our customers with the highest quality forklift repair service available. Whether you need a full recovery service or just a quick repair to your machinery, our team of qualified engineers can carry out all types of forklift repair throughout Scotland.

We offer a complete service and forklift repair for our own Ecosse forklifts as well as most other popular manufacturers of forklift trucks. 

Through our years of experience in the industry and expert knowledge, we can take care of all services and repairs that are required.

Our years of industry experience have seen us build strong links to manufacturers and stockists of all popular makes and models of equipment, including:

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Our lift trucks range in capacity from 1,500 to 36,000 tonnes and all of our engineers are factory trained with experience in Diesel, LPG, and Electric counterbalance trucks, warehouse equipment, as well as other types of handling equipment.

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Ecosse Service & Repairs
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Our level of experience and expertise enables us to offer first-class support to our customers, ensuring that any problems are taken care of and all problems in the quickest amount of time possible.

Additionally, it is a good idea to have your forklift checked every year or so to make sure that it is in good condition. Like any piece of equipment, your forklift will operate faster, smoother and more efficiently if it is checked regularly and is in good condition, and at Ecosse Forklifts – and our sister company GTF sales – keeping your equipment in good working order is the name of the game. Regardless of how careful you are with your machinery, there will inevitably be times when you simple need a professional forklift repair service.


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Common Questions

Most Popular Questions.

Every machine that has moving parts needs to be kept and cleaned regularly. You can prolong the life of your forklift by using oil and water to clean and lubricate its moving parts. This will reduce downtime and costs.

Chains, valves and seals can be washed. However, high-pressure water is not recommended as it can cause long-term damage. Before washing the forklift, remove any dirt and dry it by parking it outdoors. If parts are still damp, do not use the forklift.

It is usually the operator's responsibility to do this. This should be done at the beginning of each working day, or at the beginning of each shift for multi-shift applications. 

Yes. Every shift must be started with a qualified forklift operator inspecting forklifts

Each forklift manufacturer has their own guidelines about the maintenance of their machines. These guidelines vary from 250 to 500 hours. Most people who buy a used forklift truck will only use it for about 1-2 hours per week. We recommend forklifts be serviced at least twice per year, based on this level of use. 

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