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Driver Training

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Driver Training

Through our sister company, GFT Sales, we offer a wide range of forklift training services which are designed to help increase the safety, awareness, efficiency, and confidence of your staff towards forklifts and associated equipment.

Forklifts are absolutely essential for transporting goods in storage facilities as well as several other uses. However, the forklift operator must know how to operate the forklift itself to avoid any injuries to themselves as well as other members of the team, and forklift driver training is a legal requirement in the UK.

We offer a wide variety of forklift driver training courses tailored to your working environment. All of our training services meet the RTITB accreditation, which is the leading regulatory body for workplace transport training. Additionally, assessment courses can be combined with training courses providing your staff with high levels of awareness and safety in mind. This gives the confidence that your staff will be completely knowledgeable and safe in operating your lift truck equipment.

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Our lift trucks range in capacity from 1,500 to 36,000 tonnes and all of our engineers are factory trained with experience in Diesel, LPG, and Electric counterbalance trucks, warehouse equipment, as well as other types of handling equipment.

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Driver Training
Why GFT SALES LTD Training?

Basic to advanced training available.

Each course involves both practical and theoretical training regarding the correct working procedures and practices for operating a forklift and aims to ensure that it is crystal clear what is involved with operating a machine in a work environment.

Whether it is basic training for a driver with no experience to a more experienced operator who needs their licence renewed, we can help members of your team complete all necessary tests to become a qualified forklift operator. Untrained lift truck operators may invalidate your company’s liability insurance. Our program allows all operators to reach the Approved Code of Practice (L117) for rider-operated lift trucks.


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Common Questions

Most Popular Questions.

Forklifts are not your standard motorized vehicle so you might be curious about where they can be operated. You can drive forklifts on any public road, but they must be registered and taxed by the DVLA. Diesel forklifts can only be used outdoors.

You can rent or buy forklifts of three types: electric, diesel, and gas. Natural gas-powered forklifts are better suited to outdoor use due to their low emissions. If the area is well ventilated, they can be used indoors for short periods. These forklifts can be purchased and refueled easily, but they require careful storage and handling.

Diesel forklifts work in the same way as gas forklifts, except that they use simple canisters for fuel. However, diesel is more expensive to purchase. Due to the risk of emission, diesel forklifts cannot be driven indoors.

Although electric forklifts can be more costly than those powered by diesel or gasoline, they do not require constant refueling. Because they emit no emissions, electric forklifts are safe to use indoors.

This question should be answered by asking whether the truck can travel over 1,000 miles on a public highway. 

It must be registered with DVLA if it is to be used along a public highway. A V5 registration document will then be issued to the 'current keeper. The truck's 'current owner' does not necessarily have to be the one who owns it. It is simply the legal person responsible for the vehicle.

Yes. Operators must be at least 16 years old to operate in schools, except dockyards where they are eighteen or older.

There are three types of licenses in the UK: Telescopic, Counterbalance and Telehandler. These differ based on which type of forklifts you are interested in driving.

The forklift license does not expire. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive), recommends that employees complete a refresher course every three- to five years, as new rules and regulations might be introduced

It will take around 2 to 3 days depending on how many people are taking it. 

The course will last for three days for one person, four days for two persons and five days for three persons if you do not have any training or experience.

Yes. Ecosse Fork Lifts Training Instructors and Examiners have been fully accredited by the ITSSAR (Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register). 

All training courses comply with the National Standards.

The Forklift operator must be able to provide an orientation for each unit.

This can only be done by a competent operator.

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