R Series Diesel Forklift



The latest appearance design method was used to create the R series fluent and aesthetic outline, that matches the latest appearance in trend.

The large engineering plastic covering enables the whole truck to look friendly and natural.

Transmission & Engine

The HC transmission (made in China using the same Japanese technique), applies advanced structure and dependable functionality. You can choose between ISUZU, YANMAR or NISSAN diesel engines.

  • Durable: Hydraulics
  • Clean, reliable: Engines
  • Progressive: Brakes
  • Cool, smooth: Transmission



Adopted advanced vibration-reduction technology designs each part’s vibration reduction. Among them, the hood is designed as a full floating type vibration reduction device for the steering axle enabling this operation to be more comfortable.

The torque converter models adopt electronic-hydraulic forward/reverse control technology meaning that less effort and less total time used during this often performed function. Adopted recently the developed redirector decreases the steering wheel force to 6~8N only, that’ a reduction of 50% compared with the former truck.

The grease fittings and bushes added around the shaft of the control mechanism decreases the force on the pedal, which is a reduction of 30% compared with the former truck.

Cooling System

The newly adopted combined aluminium radiator improves the cooling performance greatly. Advanced heat dissipation technology that enhances the truck cooling by 15% compared to the former truck.


Oil seal rings used for the tilting, lifting and turning cylinder improves the sealing performance and has been proven through tens of thousands of fatigue tests.


The 1-1. 8t forklifts all adopt the new type of drum brake which avoids water or oil entering the brake drum.


  • 2.0-4.5m duplex mast
  • 2.5-4.0m full free duplex mast
  • 4.3-6.5m triplex mast
  • Special carriage and backrest
  • Other dimension forks
  • Dual drive wheels with fenders
  • Solid tyres
  • Non-marking tyre (white, green)
  • Cabin
  • Heater and air conditioner
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Semi-suspension seat or full suspension seat
  • Dual air cleaner or special air cleaner
  • Rear working light
  • Customer painting
  • Auxilliary hydraulic valve modules
  • High-mounted exhaust system
  • Middle-mounted exhaust system
  • Spark arrester
  • Purified exhaust system
  • Radiator screen
  • Sideshifter
  • Integrated side shifter
  • Other attachments